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Guaranteeing blueprint adherence with AI.
AI Bob empowers property developers and architects by making building regulations accessible, understandable and integrated into current workflows.

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A quoteUsing AI to streamline routine work and reduce the amount of errors is a reasonable step in development, and it applies to the entire industry. Then we can focus more on creating value, in our case, fantastic architecture.

Peter Leuchovius, CDO, White Arkitekter

A quoteThis is an important step forward in development, not just for us but for the entire construction industry. For us, it feels both right and exciting to look at how we can improve our work with the help of AI.

Anders Neregård, Head of Digitalisation, Sweco

Current features

Automated reviews of accessibility regulations

Get real-time feedback if your blueprint model comply with the regulations and best practise.

Invite regulatory AI experts to your video call

Bob, your CoPilot answers your questions and references the legal paragraphs or data sources you need.

Seamless integration with Revit

Adding value in your current workflow without unnecessary logins or systems.

Coming soon

Full regulatory coverage of building regulations

Eliminate silo-based reviews of blueprints, ensuring seamless integration of all design aspects.

Generated reports based on data from your blueprint

Instantly generate documents for your building permit to accelerate your process.

Real-time regulatory dashboard

Mitigate risk by monitoring your project's compliance in real-time, ensuring nothing is overlooked.


Property development is anything but effortless

Complex building regulations and manual review processes leads to mistakes, massive rework costs, delays and construction waste.


Tons of waste is generated by the construction industry every year.


Of the value of construction projects in the UK is lost due to building errors.


SEK is lost in Sweden every year to do construction errors.

About us

The idea for AI Bob originated from Elin's frustration after many years as a real estate developer and expert in building regulations. Construction errors and delays were more the norm than the exception, resulting in unnecessarily costly building projects. Determined to find a solution, she and her team developed a smart, AI-driven solution that revolutionizes the approach to architectural design, compliance checks, and official reports.

At AI Bob, we are committed to making building regulations accessible, comprehensible, and seamlessly integrated into your workflow. This facilitates more efficient and accurate construction planning, ultimately enabling a more sustainable future.


A quoteAs I see it, AI has the potential needed for us to revolutionize the construction industry. Our goal is simple, a more resilient and well-designed built environment, by offering automated reviews and data-driven information in real time.”

Elin Mårtensson - Co-Founder & CEO of AI Bob

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